Apple nerds now have a special place to go and chat to each other

Yet again, Apple are ahead of the curve, giving their loyal customers that little bit extra that makes all the difference. Say hello to the Friend Bar, the variation on the Apple store’s Genius Bar for people who just want to chat with each other.

Full story in this video brought to you by the Onion News Network…


  • kev
  • Robert
    This must be a spoof
  • simon1
    Yes its true, didnt you see Mof in the shop?
  • james d.
    BW you do know what the onion is right?
  • Dan
    It's The Onion guys. You know, the parody news site......
  • Lumoruk
    Andy Dawson fail
  • simon1
  • Andy D.
    Believe it or not, we actually know what The Onion is. Jesus, some of you fuckers are unbelievable sometimes.
  • Steve J.
    Except me, Im lovely arent I Andy? (buy the HTC Desire)
  • Steve J.
    Who dare Impersonate me! (buy the i[insert overpriced apple crap here]) Lots Of Love [Insert Name]
  • Lumoruk
    ...and he bites
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  • d72
    I thought they already had many places to go? They're known as student bars

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