Apple closer to launching iRadio

Apple is apparently 'pretty close' to signing deals with 2 major labels - Universal and Warner - to feature their music on their new live streaming music service, iRadio. It still needs Sony onside if we're going to hear interminable amounts of Taylor Swift, so nothing's set in stone yet. But as soon the fug of Commes des Garcons aftershave clears and everyone has digitally signed on the dotted line, the service should be a goer this summer.
listening to the radio

At the moment, it's all in the realm of industry inside gossip, but reports suggest iRadio will be a bit similar to Pandora, in that it doesn't offer music on demand. BUT it will be different, because Apple is building a shedload of unique new features, including the choice to replay songs by whizzing them back to the beginning.

So, music lovers, we'll have to wait and see how those big powerful negotiations go. What's the collective noun for a bunch of cigar-chomping twonks?


  • Angry T.
    Surely the collective of cigar chomping twonks is a chewbacca hahahahahahahahahahaha Now for the utter fuckin' moron blah blah blah
  • Zleet's M.
  • leeisgood
    Music lovers will avoid this at all costs.
  • chewbacca
    @Annoyed Longjohnns I can tell that you feel somewhat impotent regarding your lack of intelligence. Kill yourself, please. You can't even construct a sentence properly ("Surely the collective of cigar chomping twonks is a chewbacca"). You fucking cretin.
  • Old G.
    Top one Angry Trousers! I immediately thought of the lovable Wookie from Star Wars not the hippie that insists on spreading love on this site :-)
  • Angry T.
    @ chewbacca Dance for me you ginger gaylord ZZZzzzzz
  • Spencer
    In keeping with all apple products this will no doubt cost a shed load more than services already available, it wont have as many functions or features as services already available, it wont offer anything new whatsoever and it will force users into having the type of experience apple says they should have - not what the user actually wants. Oh and it will be backed by 86,000 spurious patents - such as... 'usage of radio airwaves to convey user experience in an intergrated audio solution and platform'..... The thing will probably cost £8000 - and it will sell millions...
    its me Granda !!!!

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