"Anything To Declare?" - "Yes, I'm A Complete Idiot; Please Bum-Search Me At Once"

Are you the kind of utter tool who enjoys having your air travel disrupted by needless body searches?

When asked, “Did you pack your own bag today?” do you invariably reply, “No, it was packed for me by a bearded, brown-skinned man who was wearing a large, ticking jacket” before chortling to yourself as the burly officer pulls on his special gloves?

In short, are you a complete and utter tit? If so, you might enjoy this range of controversial suitcases, each with the shape of a dangerous weapon moulded into their exterior.

Take one into an airport and you might think you’re being arch and cool, but you’re EXACTLY the kind of knobhead who the authorities enjoy making an example of. Go on, do it if you don’t believe us.

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  • Liam
    Or end up being shot in the head several times..

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