Anyone for deep-fried booze?

Here at Bitterwallet, we love fried food but we also love beer. But which is best? Obviously, they’re the exact equal of each other – but now... they’re one and the same! Yes – fried beer is here!

How the hell does that work then? Simple – you fill a ravioli pouch with Guinness then deep fry the bastard. As you can see from this news report, when the ravioli pouch is opened, the drink spills on to the plate. Er, great! Other beers will probably work equally as well or badly, depending on how desperate you are to live in a world of fried beer.

The futuristic concoction has turned up at the Texas State Fair and is the mad-headed brainchild of local man Fred Beer, who got the idea when he realised it was a little bit like his name.

That last paragraph is complete and utter shite by the way. Go on, carry on with your bank holiday self-abuse...


  • Rolly
    You can always count on Fox to bring you the stories that matter :)
  • pete d.
    Allow me, Ahem..... WTF! Is Dis Real?
  • Jonny S.
    Only in America. Fuck this I'm going to hunt more foxes
  • Galaxy
    Warm beer. That's just criminal.
  • akiss
    I never thought you could make guiness worse than it actually is, but hey.
  • Mark C.
    Who the fuck deep fries ravioli in the first place!?

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