Anyone for Coca Cola fashionware? Thought not...

Yes, sadly, it's a thing. 'Fashion' clothes as dreamt up a multi-national fizzy drinks company, and presented at Fashion Rio recently. Which one is your favourite?

More to be marvelled at over at the delightfully-named 'Fucking Young!' blog...


  • sameoldshite
    I've shat better looking things....
  • Ohdear
    Ever thought about putting it on a Catwalk in South America?
  • Burt r.
    I as a grand wizard of all things fashion wise am now modelling a pair of crispy pancake jeggings paired with a sleek jacket made from luncheon meat tins.....
  • fra
    Is it safe to go to a website entitled fuckingyoung????
  • captain c.
    In other news, Saville Row in London is urgently trying to think of a new name - Glitter Lane has already been considered and rejected.
  • Sicknote
    I'd rather wear a disemboweled cat

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