Any Other Business? 14th October 2008

Here's 8 roundup topics for Tuesday in other news:

1. Heading on Holiday? Time to cash in on the USD...
Sterling rises as UK bailout cheered, data brushed off

2. Looks like the Prime Minister needs a bit more space to chill.
Gordon Brown to break tradition, move out of No. 10

3. The NHS certainly know how to allocate their money
Trust slammed for £400,000 spent on a yacht for unemployed youngsters

4. UK inflation hits 16 year high last month. Whatever that means.
Consumer inflation reaches 5.2%

5. Hopefully, the accompanying instructions come in English
Japanese bugs invited to UK to control superweed

6. Could this be the end of Tescopoly?
Aldi, ASDA, and Morrison boosting UK Grocery shares

7. Boy adopted by a python, and not letting go...
Boy & His Pet Snake

8. Good excuse for sitting longer at the PC
Internet use 'good for the brain'

Finally, we'll be bringing you an exclusive summary of the Macworld 2008 Apple Keynote from today shortly.

So keep your eyes peeled :)

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