Any Other Business? 13th October 2008

Here's the Monday news roundup, to kick off the week:
1. UK Recession encouraging Men to Emigrate
1 in 8 males esp. south of England heading abroad.  Time to join in the kangaroo fun.

2. Google’s iPhone, G1 Android, 1.5 Million Pre-ordered
They start shipping next week.  I want one too.  Thanks.

3. EU to expand e-shoppers' rights
The EU is finally taking our feelings into consideration. Isn't that sweet?

4. UK banks receive £37bn bail-out
The UK government says it is to inject a total of up to £37bn into Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and HBOS.  Surely, with all that cash, it's time for the bastards to drop bank charges.

5. Every Lidl Helps
Martin Bailie, Lidl UK Director, does an exclusive interview to share the secret of their success.

6. Video: Extreme Toys under $10 or over $100
Cool (useless) toys.  Very pointless.  The 2nd guy freaks me out...

7. Help Beat Poverty This Wednesday
Blog Action Day 2008 is this Wednesday.  How can we help beat poverty?  Post your comments below.

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