Anti-Deathwatch: Subway to open 600 new branches

anti deathwatch We’re utterly fed up with reporting on companies that have gone massively tits-up thanks to the ‘current economic climate’ – it hurts our hearts. Where’s all the GOOD NEWS?? Well, there’s some HERE – are you ready?

Sandwich-pushers Subway are obviously going great guns these days, and they’re planning to ride the crest of their foot-long wave by opening another 600 new branches in the UK and Irish Republic over the next three years, creating 6,000 jobs. Phew!

They currently have 1,400 branches, and some rudimentary maths tell us that by 2015, they’ll have 2,000 – approximately one on every single street in the land. Or something.

They’re also keen to help us stop getting fat on their grub and have this month added calorie information on their menu boards in all their ‘outlets’. Salivating much? Yeah, we are.


  • The B.
    Mmmmm, processed chicken feet in a polystyrene bun shaped thing, mmmmmmmm.
  • Kevin
    Have the veggie slab option, it's much nicer.
  • Idi A.
    One of the very worst franchises you can have (see 'Fast Food Nation' by Eric Schlosser). There is NO area exclusion. They'll sell a franchise to open a branch next door to yours if somebody coughs up for it. And if either of you close? Screw you: they've had their money.

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