Angry man complains that his foot long Subway comes up short

A very angry Subway customer has kicked off online. Matt Corby was incredulous to find that his sandwich was too short.

The Australian got his tape measure out to prove that his Footlong Subway sandwich was in fact an inch short! Of course, he went straight to social networking to complain, posting a photo (see right) to Subway's Facebook page.

Thanks to people enjoying a good moan online, Corby's post got over 100,000 'Likes'.

A Subway spokesperson said: "We always strive for our customers to have the most positive experience possible, and we believe this was an isolated case in which the bread preparation procedures were unfortunately not followed."

Next week: Sadsack takes digital scales into McDonald's to weight Quarter Pounder


  • william's h.
    "Sadsack takes digital scales into McDonald’s to weight Quarter Pounder" - does no one proof read your articles ?
  • Kevin
    Also it wouldn't help as the quarter pounder size is the pre-cooked size.
  • Sadsack
    I will be scaling the counter to weigh it pre-grilling.
  • buu
    "Bread preparation procedures were not followed"... Meaning the subway employee didn't squash the bread hard enough when cutting it to allow it to form to the full 12 inches.
  • zeddy
    @buu: well, I've squashed mine hard enough and it has never managed to form the full 12 inches, so it's no big deal. Literally.
  • whatever
    @william's hakespear Do you not proofread your posts?
  • chewbacca
    Wait until Sicknote's boyfriend realises he's been lying to him.....
  • whatever
    @william’s hakespear Oh, ignore me sorry. Being in the closet is making me act out on the net.
  • KTF
    Can I get a 6" footlong please.
  • billy r.
    I like going to Yate's but their heating is never on, complained to their general manager and got the same bullshit as last year about their maint contractors waiting for parts, the real story is the tossers wont put the heating on, so time to fight fire with fire so to speak . I went in on Thursday afternoon last, it was bloody freezing, asked manager why heating wasnt on, same bullshit but this time I was armed, with a thermometer and a copy of the Shops & Factories Act, which by the way is supposed to be displayed to staff in a prominent position, the floor temp in that pub was 13 /14c - 2c below the legal limit for a working envioronment, fires off email to same tosser general manager just to tell him the complaint was going to H&S, waiting for a reply but I bet the heating is on this Thursday or they will be closed down, the staff were to afraid of their jobs to complain but an old tosser with time on his hands isnt.
  • 18th p.
    @billy redtoon - too much time on your hands....but, spent wisely!
  • OoOoooH Y.
    @ billy redtoon Go Billy Go Billy Go Billy. Its people like you that make rules stand. I dislike it when people just accept any BS for an excuse or not complain for what is rightfully their entitlements. Kepp up the good work, follow the complaint through to the end.
  • WhatTheHell
    I like you Billy. I hope you'll make an even bigger stink if they bar you!
  • zeddy
    @billy redtoon: Ha! What century's legislation are you applying? Workplace regulations 1992 might be the ones you are looking for (those are not the roids you are looking for). No minimum/maximum temps in the regs, just the guidance code of practice.
  • Buu
    @zeddy - you still talking about subway subs there?
  • Troll
    @billy redtoon: how out-of-date you are....the Shops, Offices and Factories Act was superseded by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Under W(HSW)R the minimum temperature is a recommendation of 16C and 13C If the job involves strenuous physical exertion HOWEVER this is only guidance, they state The temperature should be "reasonable" (their quotes, not mine). Get your laws right ;)

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