And what fresh hell is THIS???

Will any of us ever see anything worse than this? In our entire lives? Doubtful.


[via @jtsgames]


  • Brad
    Cunt isnt a strong enough word to describe...
  • qwertyuiop
    A Penny Farthing parked outside an apple shop?! Egads, what a cardinal sin! We certainly like our slow news days here at BW, don't we?
  • Phil
    Pretentious Git checklist: 1) Apple kit (or least pretending you can afford it) - Check 2) Penny farthing - Because it 'Just works'! - No need for gears! - Check
  • Ali
    To answer the question posed in the title of this post, it's a photo that's been floating around the internet for years. Yes, I appreciate the irony of that statement regarding this picture, but really - slow news day?
  • g
    i believe that's an iLife '05 box on the banner above the Tiger easel. oooooooollllldddd. gotta give it to the cunt tho, he was on the whole hipster dickhead thing way before it's internet fame
  • Jobs
    the IFathing.
  • dvdj
    Jeaz calm down, even the 10 o'clock news has some light-hearted news now and again. Usually att he end fo the show about rape or something.
  • someone
    it would be the £599farthing, surely.
  • lordposh
    I think it's rather splendid that aesthetic apple products are the reserve of we well healed, tweedy eccentric types and are in no way mass market or ubiquitous:
  • Mike H.
    I fucking hate these cunts like this just to be seen to be 'different', fucking wankers, then park it outside an apple store for all the cool people to see and think they're cool FUCKING WANKER!
  • The m.
    This is so old that the owner of that Penny farthing probably commited suicide when Steve Jobs died.
  • Yue
    Didn't you post his pic last year? Are we recyling BW now?
  • JonB
    Maybe it's the bloke from the Starbucks picture and he needs a big bike to carry his iMac around?
  • Cunty M.
    Thanks for finding my farthing guys! sent from my iPad

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