And Apple fans wonder why they cop for so much abuse…

Ooh, look everyone – a deranged Apple fanboi has made himself (we're assuming it's a him - 99% certain anyway) an ickle bickle Apple store out of a shoebox and some little bits and pieces of stuff and that.

Presumably he'll make a little Steve Jobs out of pipecleaners that he can get to do a grand opening of the thing. Unless he's already got a full-size inflatable Jobs that he sleeps with.

The complete and utter wanker.


  • Nobby
    I bet he wanks over it once a week.
  • dinosaurs_and_hitler
    Love this
  • bleeding_cum_murphy
    Very jealous of this man's talent and free time <3
  • dude
    where is the queue of fanboys?
  • Schindler's P.
    I wish I could cut things out
  • joanne
    I'm just shocked that some poor cow actually married him... although as a kid there was a paedo in my street that used stuff like this to lure kids in...maybe thats his angle...
  • issac h.
    Sit him an his box in that dodgy ebay van and crush it, that'll teach him
  • Jim
  • King N.
    This guy is king of km
  • Fritzel
  • John G.
    the best thing is you know that if Apple made cardboard boxes the MacNutters would all buy them .. because it would'nt just be a cardboard box , oh no ; it would be an APPLE cardboard box............
  • Richard
    that is incredible... I want it!!
  • mizzle
    what a fucking twat
  • Blackberry b.
    Bet he's downloaded origami for fuckwits from the app store lol
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. This is a TRUE work of art. It should be displayed in the Tate Modern, instead of that Anish Kapoor crap.
  • Angry S.
    @ Joanne. You are one sick puppy. The guy makes a shop out of a cardboard box and you call him a pedophile. Get a grip (or go back to reading the Sun)
  • Mr G.
  • F. F.
    He should get a job on Blue Peter, plenty of access to kiddies too.
  • Morocco
    Impressive craftsmanship but what a pointless endeavour. Absolute twat.
  • Jack T.
    lol @ Mr Greggles. That's what the toilet being designed by Apple should be called.
  • Felacio N.
    Loving Moron of Scotland's belief that Joanne wasn't actually being tongue in cheek.
  • JonnySpandex
    That's really concerning...
  • donttouchthehair
  • Personally I think this is quite wonderful, please leave him be, meanies. <3
  • Jack
    lol @ joanne
  • fuck o.

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