An Irishman and two Englishman jump off a Somalian ship at the Gulf of Aden...
It may sound like the start of a bad Irish joke, but the Dublin man and his two British friends being shot at as they fled a ship hijacked by Somalian pirates probably didn't find the whole thing too amusing.

The three lads, captured by pirates on a trip to the famous gulf where pirates congregate,  where this year alone, 97 attacks have already been reported.  Of these, at least 15 ships with 300 crew members have been held for ransom, despite the presence of the navy. former military.

The 3 prisoners happened to be employees of Dorset-based Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Solutions, so in a feat to display their specialised skills in 'deterring attacks through non-lethal means', they expertly managed to hold off the 6 Somalian pirates armed with AK-47 rifles and RPG grenade launchers for 40 minutes, before abandoning the Liberian tanker.

The pirates tried to run them down in the water with guns (and the tanker), but a helicopter deployed by a French frigate in the area saved them, after receiving a distress call sent out by the tanker before the men jumped off board.  All three men have been rescued, with no reported injuries.

Something to ponder before you decide to venture off that way on your next holiday.

[Irish Independent]


  • Codify
    Hmmm... employees of an "anti-piracy security firm" jump off the ship they are supposed to be defending and swim away like little scaredy-cats. How useless.
  • theguyaboveisatool
    I would like to see you try and hold your own in the same circumstances!!

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