An erotic cheese calendar? From France? We'll think about it...

If you still haven’t got yourself sorted with a 2013 calendar, here’s one that we’ve come across that is based around the strongly-bonded worlds of scantily-clad women and French cheeses.

It’s called the From Girls calendar (based on the French word for ‘cheese’ being ‘fromage’) and has become an institution in France over the past few years. Here’s a couple of the, ahem, images…


We’re not sure what to make of it all, so we’ll leave it to a commenter on the France 24 blog where we found out about it all…

"FOOD IS SWEET JOY, WOMEN ARE SWEET DESIRES These cheese-makers are not fooled. Greediness and excessive appetite are the besetting sin of mankind. In our present modern societies everything is related to carnal pleasure since many adore this ingredient. Then, say you won’t enjoy a taste, pappy? Hahahahaha..! Human beings hypocrisy is legendary : food is everyone’s sweet joy, women are everyone’s sweet desire -and the mademoiselles on the cheese are cute. This said, whom won’t buy these cheese ? No one. Many will die to taste this cheesy soft porn and enjoy every moment of these half-naked girls. Wait and see."

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  • Nikey H.
    TWANGGGG What was that you ask ? My palm tree just sprang from my log cabin

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