An end to pop event booking fees! Hurrah!

DICE_landscape A new gig ticketing app has been launched, hoping to be the first ticketing vendor to be "loved by music fans".

Dice, has been launched by ustwo and music industry bod Phil Hutcheon.

When it launches, the app will feature 100 gigs curated by DJ Jen Long. So unlikely to be getting any Manilow deals there.

The number of gigs available to buy tickets for will never exceed 250, which aims to give music fans a more curated experience than the current online ticket retailers.

Dice have already got one thing right from the outset, and that's ridding proceedings of those pesky hidden charges and booking fees.

The app has been designed as mobile-only for security, so that only the user who bought the tickets can attend the gigs available, and so no paper/ printing out home admin crap, and impossible to tout.

Could this be the future of securing entrance into bespoke entertainment solution events? Possibly. We just tend to go round the back and sneak in through the toilets.

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    well done for including a link in that article google play:

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