An end to globalisation, and something quite nice for your mum

Now that all high streets look the same - a limited number of souless brands selling the same mediocrity that we ironically refer to as "goods" - phase one of their plans to replace us with automatons is complete. But there are those that oppose who totalitarian future before us. Like all great struggles that have stained our history, resistance fighters plot the downfall of these faceless corporations, adverse to their global mission statements and point-of-sale branding.

Oh alright, so you might not think the urban sprawl of HMV and Argos represents the downfall of civilisation, but it does make buying an original Christmas present a pain in the backside. Although with the proliferation of Greggs, everyone will enjoy a chicken bake on Christmas morning, no?

A new website promises a release from the chainstore treadmill this Winter, plus it's bursting with eco-goodness too. is a virtual store which allows hand-picked designers and artists to sell their unique products. The site, which has a rigorous environmental policy, sells everything from jewellery, ceramics and fashion to health and beauty products, and while some of the prices are a little-eye watering, you're guaranteed something unique.

Or you can buy a Wii.

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  • Paul N.
    I think the more well-known site that pioneered this was Good to see it becoming more common!

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