American financier guns down family and himself after losing fortune in credit crunch


Speaking of Bitterwallets, the recent financial crisis may not have fully impacted us here in the UK, but it certainly is taking its toll on the occasional American.

The Daily Mail featured a story about a businessman who gunned down his entire family before shooting himself in the head, because of the recent stock market collapse.

This tragedy came just days after a 90 year old Ohio woman tried to commit suicide when her 40 year old home was being repossessed.

Pretty sad story.

Mr. Karthik Rajaram, a 45 year old stock trader saw his family fortune of almost £1 million pounds being wiped out by the crash of the stock market in recent times.

So he shot his wife, three children and mother-in-law in the head before turning the gun on himself at the family home near Los Angeles.

In the suicide note to police, he blamed the killings on financial hardship brought on by a collapse in shares.

He also wrote in his suicide note that he pondered on two options - first was to commit suicide, or second, to kill himself and his entire family. Sad, but he chose the second option.

In his suicide note, he added, "that would be the honorable thing to do."

I suppose this story illustrates what the love of $$$ and materialism can do to someone.

May they all rest in peace.

Read the full article on the Daily Mail's website.

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