Amazon says: 'Shop somewhere else, dummy'

amazoninstant Amazon have been in a dispute with book publisher, Hachette. Authors like Ian Rankin and JK Rowling got involved and it was all descending into the kind of public brawling that you'd expect from a wedding in Walsall.

Of course, the whole ugly business revolves around money.

So, while Amazon reduce Hachette stock and no longer taking pre-orders for new titles, people who, for example, want JK Rowling's new book 'The Silkworm', they've got some advice for you.

Shop somewhere else.

In a post on the Kindle website, Amazon said: "If you do need one of the affected titles quickly, we regret the inconvenience and encourage you to purchase a new or used version from one of our third-party sellers or from one of our competitors."

They continued by saying that they don't think there's going to be a resolution anytime soon.

"Unfortunately, despite much work from both sides, we have been unable to reach mutually acceptable agreement on terms," Amazon said. "Hachette has operated in good faith and we admire the company and its executives. Nevertheless, the two companies have so far failed to find a solution. Even more unfortunate, though we remain hopeful and are working hard to come to a resolution as soon as possible, we are not optimistic that this will be resolved soon."

Amazon have told authors that they'll help top-up any royalties lost through the dispute.

"We've offered to Hachette to fund 50% of an author pool – to be allocated by Hachette – to mitigate the impact of this dispute on author royalties, if Hachette funds the other 50%. We did this with the publisher Macmillan some years ago. We hope Hachette takes us up on it."

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