Amazon reinvents retailing again, now selling shoes in pairs

This breaking news just in, courtesy of avid Bitterwallet reader Jack - Amazon is now selling shoes in packs of two. Alas, the news coincides with the demise of a golden age in casual footwear for pirates:
Bitterwallet - Shoes from Amazon - now available in pairs
Of course, Amazon may be referring to the fact that you receive two pairs of trainers, but there's nothing on the page to suggest that's the case.


  • JonnySpandex
    So you'd get 2 left shoes?
  • me
    perfect for people with2 left feet
  • init
    There is the old Glasgow joke that might explain it... A man takes a pair of shoes back to the shop and complains that there is a lace missing "No", argues the assistant, "look at the label - it says Taiwan ."
  • osama_ban_laden

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