Amazon Prime attracts the millions

amazoninstant Amazon have claimed that their Prime membership thing brought in over 10 million new customers during the Christmas period (We're not having 'holiday season').

According to a statement, the company's division which offers up free shipping, streaming and various perk solutions, had introduced 4K streaming to Prime Instant Video in December, along with Prime Now - the service wherein it offers one-hour delivery on stuff bought through the mobile app.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of, said the company was “excited” to welcome its new members.

“We are working hard to make Prime even better and expanding the recently launched Prime Now to additional cities in 2015,” he added.

Sounds positively drunk on giddiness, that one.

Amazon also revealed that they shipped stuff to over 185 countries, and 60% of its shoppers shopped through mobile devices. Someone had a busy Christmas didn't they? Still, they might deliver your goods in boxes four thousand times the size of the thing you bought.


  • monkeyhanger
    If you're not with the Prime program, Amazon seem to unnecessarily delay normal orders. Nearly everything I buy now that is in stock seems to sit at the warehouse for 4 days before they post it. In April 2014, I ordered a new high capacity class 10 SD card for my camera, a whole 11 days before my holiday. It was in stock and I thought that would be plenty of time to get to me. It wasn't even dispatched for 10 days. I try not to buy from Amazon now unless there is a noticeable price difference.
  • Matt
    Well Amazon, you're gonna have to offer more than "Amazon instant video" if you want me to stump up £79 on renewal. Lets see a streaming music, full e-book and the lovefilm catalogue included, then I might consider.
  • John S.
    monkeyhanger you're talking about one instance to be fair. Do you really think an organisation the size of Amazon messes about like that? I've ordered tonnes of stuff (non-prime) and been amazed by the speedy service.
  • Reser
    @Matt : err the Lovefilm catalogue IS included, that is the whole point of the price increase, it is also not called Love Film anymore since it is now part of Amazon, it is now called Amazon Instant Video, that IS the Love Film catalogue.
  • Big G.
    They making profit yet? Any danger of them paying proper UK tax yet? Thought not.
  • youngatwork
    Hardly surprising they had an increase. Posted out pointless physical trial activation cards and made purchasing online difficult to avoid Prime trial, I accidentally signed up during a rushed buying of xmas presents. next, next, next... oops. Cancelled before payment kicked in

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