How best to navigate the rapids of Amazon price changes?

amazon logoHow many times have you gone to buy something on Amazon and the price has gone up? Or you buy something and then find out it has been reduced? As Amazon are clearly attempting to take over the world, we think there ought to be some specific money-saving tools invented to try and turn the tide more in the consumers favour.

Fortunately there are some such tools, if you know where to look. First up is the amusingly-named (courtesy of avid Bitterwallet fan Ben) which tracks the prices on products sold by Amazon in the UK and Europe and allows you to find the biggest £ or % price drop currently available on site. Of course, it doesn’t always work- the current top deal is a driving lesson cd which apparently had an original price of over £800, but you can see where TVs (for example) have had a big reduction, and can find cheap as chips bargains, like an icing set for 1p or a Moshi Monsters pump bag for 20p. Clicking on an item will also give you a very rudimentary graph of the changing price over time.

Next up, with thanks to our friends over at HotUKDeals, is the CamelCamel price tracker. This site also gives you the top deals, but gives you a more user-friendly price history on an item- so you know if it was cheaper earlier in the day, or last week. This means you can decide whether it’s worth holding out for a price drop, or if the current price is the best one yet. You can also set up email alerts for when prices reach a specified floor to tempt you, and it has plug-ins for both Firefox and Chrome (and why would you be using any other browser) that will show the price history on items when browsing Amazon directly. Good huh.

Jungle Ninja is a similar price tracking site, sporting a very green colour scheme (unusual) and a ninja monkey (cute). The price history defaults to the last eight weeks rather than the three years CamelCamel does, although you can change both of them to show the time period you require. Jungle Ninja also has a handy price check button than will show you everything you can currently buy from Amazon for under £1 (for example). However, it did not pick up the 1p icing set or 20p Moshi Monsters bag we found on Huge-River.

Of course you might have already known all this, being the savvy shoppers we know you to be, but there are always innocent newbies, even on this site.


  • Pete
    Trouble with Huge River is that it doesn't take into account delivery charges. Take the icing set you mentioned, it might be 1p, but it's + £4.59 UK delivery. For something that weighs a few grammes....
  • Dick
    Huge River is a complete waste of time, all down to postage costs.
  • Dick
    I'm surprised a HUKD blog is publicizing other amazon affiliates. Will you be recommending topcashback over quidco next?

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