Amazon Launches "Frustration-Free Packaging" 2006, Tech billionaire Mark Cuban sliced his hand trying to free a Seagate hard drive that come in those ridiculous plastic shells. Afterwards, he rightly exclaimed on his blog, "WHO THE F*** DESIGNED THE PACKAGING ON THIS THING AND WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE A JOB !!!!!"

After recently purchasing a GPS stored in one of these impenetrable shells myself, I truly understood what Mark went through. (2 pairs of scissors, half hour of sweaty palms, a near life or death car accident, and a very ugly ending)

I am pretty sure that you, like Mark and I, also find any form of hard to open plastic packaging annoying. So when announced yesterday that it is now on a crusade to end "wrap rage", even treehuggers lit up an environmentally friendly smile.

The Seattle based online retailer announced that it will be cutting down on the amount of packaging that comes with products, and make packages easier to open, in an effort to make them both more user and environmentally friendly.

Calling its effort “frustration-free packaging”, Amazon is starting with 19 manufacturers, including Microsoft, Fisher-Price and Mattel. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon said in a statement:

“I think we’ve all experienced the frustration that sometimes occurs when you try to get a new toy or electronics product out of its package. It will take many years, but our vision is to offer our entire catalog of products in frustration-free packaging."

Amazon officials said they’ll focus first on items that are wrapped in hard clamshell-type plastic, followed by packaging secured by the plastic-coated wire ties commonly found with electronics and toys. Bitterwallet spoke to Amazon UK, but they told us it's unlikely the sanity-saving packaging will arrive in this country for several months yet.

In the meantime, Bitterwallet's advice for every parent reading this: don't wrap any presents until you've opened them and removed the wire ties, plastic blisters and other miscellaneous packaging. Put the batteries in. Repackage and only then wrap them up. It all sounds very obvious, but do it as soon as you can and you'll have less chew and more docile children on Christmas morning. It's what Jesus would want.


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    [...] was conerned about anything of the sort) – frustration-free packaging was rolled out by Bezos in the US this time last Christmas, meaning that despite his digital signiture on the homepage, he wasn’t required for this [...]

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