Amazon Instant - a new way to buy something you never wanted

16 September 2010

In case you hadn't realised it yet, Google Instant is perhaps the least helpful search engine ever built. It's the ultimate procrastination generator, helping you find plenty of topics you hadn't the slightest interest in searching for. There's that, and the fact it provides Google the prefect opportunity to pump out more targeted advertising in the meantime, if by "targetted" you mean "hopelessly irrelevant to the user".

With this in mind, Bitterwallet present Amazon Instant - the ideal way to become completely distracted while attempting to look for something you actually want to buy:

Bitterwallet - Amazon Instant



  • Dazman
    About as instant, relevant and useful as contracting rabies from your neighbours cat.
  • Paul C.
    It's awful. I'd rather stick an immodium instant up my arse.
  • DrTrouserPlank
    Doesn't immodium aid the flow of shite rather than stop it though?
  • dvdj
    Nope bungs you up like a good 'un! Double drop and you ain't shitting for at least a week.
  • Phil
    Can someone stick "bitterwallet" in the Amazon instant box and see if you get the random selection of crud I did? EG, a garden gnome, a rotivater (I think!) and a book about how aids is a lie?
  • DrTrouserPlank
    Yes, same selection.
  • Paul C.
    @Phil Just mash your keys and it will come up with the items you mentioned.
  • Phil
    So a very smart search feature then
  • Anon
    Search results seem decent now.... no gnomes

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