Amazon - encouraging you to dress up like a racist

Lily Allen's new video has kicked off a debate about racism and more, by saying she's shown subtle signs of privilege with her use of non-white dancers.

Well, there's nothing subtle about this golliwog costume which you can buy on Amazon. They've even managed to put it on sale as well, reducing it from £47.99 to £39.99. Seems they really, really want us all to dress up and laugh at black people.


They're even showing off a man in a mask of the Kenyan Prime Minister too, should you want more than one option. The comments left by users underneath the outfit are pretty angry, but it seems Amazon aren't too fussed.

If you want to gawp at a particularly tasteless outfit, click here.


  • Rumplestiltskin
    Does it come with a knife, some drugs and a list of previous convictions?
  • Oblong
    (Sucks teeth...)
  • Dick
    That doesn't look like a black person, it looks like a toy gollywog.
  • cicobuff
    Exactly Dick, as a child I was upset to lose a plush gollywog, I never made any association with it as a "black person" it was just a plushie I loved. I have grown up without being a rascist.
  • Coran
    The Kenyan Prime Minister mask is not racist. No more racist than a mask of Tony Blair or George Bush...
  • Bert
    Have to completely agree with Coran there.
  • friend
    are you anti-white? looks like you are racist if you hate white people
  • Mark W.
    The Kenyan Prime Minister mask is a tough one. I mean, he is black in real life. Is it racist to sell a rubber mask of a black person? There are Obama masks for sale too.
  • Big M.
    The Tony Blair mask is a tough one. I mean, he is white in real life. Is it racist to sell a rubber mask of a white person? There are George W Bush masks for sale too.
  • Jaff
    As a golliwog myself, I find this extremely offensive. It's anatomically incorrect. I quite clearly have fingers, as otherwise I couldn't type this. Our race enjoyed promotion of Robertson's Jam until people decided we were offensive. Which I found offensive. I'm a top guy, and like doing lots of things like going to the match with my son on a Saturday. I don't even dress like that anymore, those were in my ringleading days - but of course nobody goes to the circus anymore so that shut down, just like I got my Jam gig taken away from me. I hate my life.
  • you
    I saw a bloke walking a black dog the other day. I literally couldnt believe it in this day and age
  • you
    Imagine my further disgust when i bought an atlas from Waterstones, and right there on page 30 was the word "Pakistan". I feel a very strongly worded letter coming on
  • Big M.
    I was watching Snooker the other day. Potting a black ball is worth 7. Potting a white -4! Positive discrimination gone mad. No doubt brought on by a left-wing guardian reading, wheelchair using, Pakistani lesbian. Bring back the Dambusters dog I say!
  • Aston
    The face kind of looks like Zippy from Rainbow.

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