Amazon customers who bought a bloody big knife, also bought...

An excellent find from emmajk42 in the HUKD forums, and another shining example of Amazon's Customers Who Bought This... service.

Several readers believe the recommendations are made by Amazon themselves, rather than being based on the actual purchase history of their customers. In which case, what are Amazon suggesting here, when you find yourself admiring a commando knife:

Amazon recommend what amounts to several hours of practical tutorials:

There's no doubting Dexter is one of the best dramas on television (season 3 currently airing on FX, serial killer fans) but you don't have to stab rapists in the neck to enjoy it.



  • Emma
    Thanks for the mention guys! I seriously laughed at this one :)
  • acecatcher3
    dexter is pretty good (bit homo)
  • dvdj
    So who showed you Emma? Or were you really looking at a commando fighting knife on the USA's amazon?! Lets give credit where credit's due and all that.
  • dan m.
    dvdj you what mate..try and make sense!
  • Will
    dvdj...shut up.
  • Emma
    My boyfriend showed it to me actually. He found it on his nerdy gaming forums.
  • acecatcher3
    theres no need to use ur bf as an excuse emma, we all know ur an avid gamer! u didnt have to explain urself either btw, that guys clearly just trolling around bitterwallet.
  • Nobby
    If a big enough group of people get together and find a reasonably unpopular item that no-one ever buys, you can make some good links like this. You don't even have to buy the items, just purchase them, then cancel the order. Amazon still keeps the association.
  • ;ewkfjnfb
    wow Nobby that would be really sad
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