Amazon close Super Saver Delivery loophole - all orders must now be £10+ to qualify

amazon-logo When Amazon announced a few months ago that they were making changes to their Super Saver Delivery option, most of us were pretty relieved that they allowed some exceptions as it meant you could avoid the delivery charge by adding an exempt item to your basket.

Members of HotUKDeals put together a thread which highlighted the loophole that by adding a dirt cheap CD or book to your order you could get all of your items delivered using their free Super Saver Delivery even if the total came in under £10.

From today, Amazon have introduced changes which extend the £10 threshold for Super Saver Delivery across all items. They say:

Our Super Saver Delivery service has changed. From 7 January 2014, all UK orders fulfilled by Amazon with a total value of at least £10 will qualify for FREE Super Saver Delivery.  Previously, the £10 threshold applied to all our product categories except Books, Music, Film & TV, Blu-ray, Software or PC & Video Games.

Amazon have been price matching retailers recently on certain entertainment and gaming products but the introduction of a delivery charge on these products will be a deal breaker for most.

All other delivery services such as Amazon Prime will remain unchanged. Its a no brainer that people will (or should) always shop with the cheapest retailer but will this mean a surge of Amazon Prime signups?


  • cicobuff
    Unlike in the US whereby customers get access to their Amazon streaming service, the recently acquired by Amazon "Lovefilm" here remains to be paid for. There is very little incentive to spending £49 for their "premium" service, although that is what Amazon are attempting to force on customers. Lets face it (and I am sure many of us have at least had a trial of Prime) it just means Amazon do not drag out the processing of your order and then get it shipped to yourself primarily by Amazon Logistics (formally APLE) who are notoriously bad, instead of Royal Mail who are just bad, but at least with a missed delivery you can collect from your local delivery office. Would much prefer to buy my less than £10 items from elsewhere.
  • Fletch
    If you could pay for prime for 6 months at a time it wouldn't be too bad but most would make the most use of this at Christmas time, & having to find an extra £50 for delivery charge just seems too much at the wrong time of the year. What this means for me, is that Amazon will be getting a lot less ordered from me. I've tried adding to basket & leaving it there till it's over £10, but so far everytime I've done that something ends up out of stock, or the price has increased

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