Amazon brings frustration-free packaging to the UK

If you've visited today, you'll have noticed their homepage has been replaced by an announcement concerning the arrival of "frustration-free" packaging in the UK. A handful of best-selling items have been stripped of their clamshells, their wire-ties and their metres of thick cardboard inserts, and replaced by"smaller, easier-to-open cardboard boxes":

Bitterwallet - Amazon frustration free packaging

Great news! Well, sort of. The only "best selling" products included in the scheme are mostly USB cables and CDRs, so still expect to swear like a sailor come Christmas morning. It's also disturbing news for those fearing that founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been executed by an organised crime syndicate based in Chicago (admittedly nobody was conerned about anything of the sort) - frustration-free packaging was rolled out by Bezos in the US this time last Christmas, meaning that despite his digital signiture on the homepage, he wasn't required for this launch and so could very well be dead.


  • Parallax
    Is it too cynical to say this must mostly be an exercise to reduce shipping costs?
  • julian c.
    Does this mean that they will basically open a package, then repackage? If so does seem like a quick way to reduce shipping costs.
  • Gunn
    Good idea. Was a joke to get a huge parcel with shedloads of bubble wrap or paper stuffed in just to hold a box about 1/10th the size of the outer box.
  • Marc
    Great idea this everybodys a winner
  • me
    so, really just like the "eco" version of the sennheiser cx300s that come in a cardboard box rather than the plastic blister pack?
  • dominic
    So does it mean damaged cds dented books and having to send items back wasting more time and money?
  • Duke75
    "Frustration-free packaging" maybe but not frustration-free browsing. I've now got to make extra clicks from the homepage to get to my recommendations so I can't buy stuff as quickly. Eventually I'll get fed up and they won't get my order.
  • Mike
    I hate frustration free packaging, easy to steal from, easy to damage, not easy to see the items in the package. Not that this matters to Amazon.
  • Brian
    Brian here, i used to look forward to the extra packaging to throw on my REAL living room fire.
  • Rambling J.
    I love the idea god only know how many times I slaved on one of those plastic clam shell for a product that I got online and that never needed that sort of anti-thief protection!
  • Lose F.
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