All smiles for the all-in-one teeth-cleaning fiesta!

Here at Bitterwallet, we’ve all given up on cleaning our teeth years ago. The laborious process of locating the toothpaste and putting it on the brush was proving to be too time-consuming. As a result, we’ve all now got smiles that would make Shane McGowan wince and turn to the drink, but we get a lot more done with the time we save each day.

It may be too late for our wretched fizzogs but a Korean company has pioneered an electric toothbrush that also holds a copious amount of toothpaste within itself. A simple idea, but seemingly one that no one else has made work yet.

The UniBrush (as it is called) holds as much as two weeks worth of toothpaste within its handle, making it perfect for people who are travelling, or just bone-idle wasters like ourselves. Plus, you can pump the paste out into the bristled area while you are brushing, making for a more evenly-distributed toothpastular experience. It's near-genius although it's not a sausage with the ketchup already inside it. That WOULD be genius. We can but dream.

Right, underneath is a comment box where selected smart arses tell us how they’ve been selling these in Tesco since 1987. Come on then you bastards.

[via Craziest Gadgets]


  • Joff
    Technically it was Hillards, but since they were bought out by Tesco you were close, which makes a change. Whatever happened to Ketchips? A bastard product that combined disgusting chips with disgusting ketchup into one nasty product. Also the Heinz Beans St Kids, now that was a range to be reckoned with.
  • Nobby
    My dad brought back some toothbrushes from hotels in Japan in the 1970s. They were regular ones with dried toothpaste already in the head, so you did not need to squeeze your own. At least, that is what he told us. But maybe they were just old ones that he found in the bin, discarded by some perverted Japanese business man staying in the hotel the night before who had done other things with them first. No really, they were new, wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. I think they were a great invention. One use toothbrushes just so you don't need to squeeze. Fuck the environment.
  • Joff
    Nobby, is that like the underpants you can also buy in Japan that don't need to be soiled?
  • The B.
    I'm also lazy but how would that work with my electric toothbrush?
  • Mike H.
    Do they do one that pumps the toothpaste for you?
  • firme c.
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