All new Books etc site goes in for repair after less than two days

books etc logo It was supposed to be a brave new dawn for online book selling, but it’s gone horribly tits up after less than 48 hours.

The dormant Books etc name had disappeared along with its Borders parent brand in late 2009, but a company called Capital Organisation bought the Books etc name, website and Borders' marketing database in January, two months after Borders went into administration.

The new site launched on Tuesday but users complained about slow search results and problems registering on the site. Now the whole thing has been taken offline while various problems are addressed.

A holding page currently reassures customers that “Any purchases made since we launched the site on Monday 22nd February will be honoured and any new registrations made will also have been logged ok.”

Very professional. Watch this space…


  • Booksetc_forever
    I saw the website and thought it looked impressive and impressed that they got it launch so quickly - albeit it seems maybe marginally too quickly. Time will tell and really hope it works well and bookselling needs the Books etc brand strong - there are many thankful for its recovery. Lets see it back up!
  • Booksetc_forver
    P.S yes, the wages are great at Books, etc.
  • Nobby
    In the meantime and in the future, get better prices at Amazon.
  • Patricia B.
    The delays are no surprise. Legend Press published my friend's book under their print on demand imprint New Generation Publishing in August 2009 and they then kept my friend and hundreds of other writers waiting over 2 months for book orders they'd paid for. Legend Press ended up emailing a general apology to my friend and all their authors and customers for their delays at the end of 2009. After all those problems this looks like history repeating itself with Legend Press and Books Etc now. Check out Legend Press on writers' sites like Absolute Write and other writers forums or search 'legend press beware' and you'll see the number of complaints about them and their company New Generation Publishing from writers worldwide for over the whole of 2009 including lack of replies to correspondence. This isn't one voice, from all the complaints about Legend Press on such forums you will see a large amount of people who appear to be seriously concerned about their capability to organise professionally. This latest problem with Books Etc seems par for the course with Legend Press in their reported lack of proper planning and management and Book Etc's owners must be wondering what exactly they have gotten themselves into.

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