All I want for Christmas is... a tax return?

tax letterWhat will you be doing over the festive season? Getting online for those early sale bargains? Pricing up how much you can flog those unwanted gifts for on eBay? If all else fails, actually talking to your relatives? Well, an estimated 23,000 of you will be doing something far less boring instead. You’ll be submitting your tax return.

Last year 23,059 people submitted their self-assessment returns between Christmas and Boxing Day. Admittedly, most of those returns were submitted on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, but there were still over 1,500 people with naff all better to do on Christmas Day than to complete their tax returns.

Of course, if you are sent a return form, or notification to complete a return, then you need to complete it, and around 9 million workers need to submit a self-assessment tax return. The paper deadline for submitting your return was 31 October, so your only option now is to use the online system.

But perhaps these folks aren’t just boring. Perhaps they are just so busy, holiday season is the only time they have to complete their returns. If so, they’d better hope they don’t need to call to ask anything about their return form, as chances are, they’d get cut off and be unable to speak to anyone. Or have to find an extra 40 minutes to wait on hold, according to Which!!! reports on the matter.

If you do still need to file your return for the 2013/14 tax year, you can still file online up to the 31 January deadline, and if you make a mistake, you can amend your return online before that date as well. You also don’t have to complete it all in one go- a bit like Christmas dinner you can do some of it on the day and save the fiddly bits for a curry later in the week as the system automatically saves your progress

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  • Dandini
    "Perhaps they are just so busy, holiday season is the only time they have to complete their returns." Or perhaps - God forbid - they don't celebrate Christmas?

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