All hail the Which! energy comparison tool

Old-Fridge Our good friends at Which! are a romantic bunch, but instead of presenting us with flowers and chocolates, they bring information to the Valentine’s table. Today, they have failed to disappoint us yet again.

They’ve come up with some handy gizmos which could be invaluable when it comes to buying a new electrical appliance, taking into account the fact that running costs vary wildly and although the appliance itself might be cheaper, having it plugged in all the time could cost you a small fortune.

Their online energy cost calculators show you how much different models cost to run, with the cost displayed over a year and over the lifetime of the product. You can do comparisons as well as check out individual appliances.

Which! We TOTALLY wish we were them sometimes.


  • Dick
    Please could you put a caption on the picture, otherwise I won't know it is a typical boiler today.
  • Dick
    See. It is a fridge. And another one. And I didn't know.
  • Mike H.
    Isn't it Which?

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