All hail the superboomers!

breastfeeding The Superboomers are here and they're buggering everything up cliche-wise

According to a new report by Huawei, the over-50s are embracing a second stab at being youthful, and changing what it means to be aged.

This section of society are weathly, healthy and driving the economy with over 1.7 million entrepreneurs over 50 and one in five of them registered as self-employed.

They're also one of the wealthiest generations, generating 89% of disposable wealth.

A spokesperson, pushed forward to come up with thinky reasons, said: "Superboomers are embracing the fact that they will be living for longer and are having a second go at being youthful. No longer does their age define them: their hobbies, interests and passions move them."

"Boomers represent a quarter of the population in the UK and are spearheading the longevity revolution. As the retirement age rises and life expectancy grows, news of changes in the state pension age is contributing to a wider shift in the Boomer generation's attitudes towards their older years."

"A second life awaits them and they have the financial security, health and vigour to make the most of it."

The report also says the women over 50 in the UK account for 41% (£2.7 billion) of the annual spending on clothing, shoes and the like, while another report claimed that gym visits peak at the age of 66.

There are around 2.9 million people aged between 50 and state pension age out of work and the Department for Work and Pensions estimates in the next 10 years there will be 3.7 million more, with 700,000 fewer people aged 16 to 49 in the UK labour market.

Well done you, the older people!

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  • mark
    Why has Huawei funded this report? Usually big firms have some weird ulterior motive for funding studies such as this. Perhaps this is to convince the wealthy and retried to get a nice new 'phablet'.

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