All hail the scooter mower!

500x_lawnmower2 Kids – they have their uses, but those uses are pretty limited. The days when you could send them along to the corner shop for your beer and fags armed with a fiver and a note are long gone.

But with this handy contraption, kids can now frolic to their hearts’ content AND give the lawn a good mowing at the same time. It’s a scooter mower and is powered by a small electric motor connected to both the grass-cutting blades and the scooter itself.

raisin-tapsOn the face of it, it’s an enormous boon, and as we haven’t said for quite a while but still firmly believe, we’re always on the look out for enormous boons.

It says here that it was created by designer Vicky Petihovski… which immediately sets the alarm bells ringing and makes us question as to whether it really exists as a working contraption or just as an idea in the mind of designer Vicky Petihovski.

Hey, if we’re going to bandy around ideas that will never work, there’s always the erstwhile raisin tap (pictured right)…


  • Junkyard
    I'm impressed by how the mowing area is clearly labelled "lawning area".
  • milky
    this hauling a fat kid over a lawn??? don't make me laugh. nothing more than a look at me design ploy, cynic that I am.
  • Warwick H.
    I wonder if Vicky Petihovski has enormous boons ?
  • pauski
    ^junkyard - good point. Does not look like "wheel" either - more like a handle bar?
  • Mark M.
    Ah yes. Children, electricity and whirling sharpened blades - a match made in heaven for a good chuckle

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