All hail the Percy Pig ice cream!

If the witterings of people on Twitter are to be believed, there’s only one retail story out there today, and it has sent the tweeting hordes into overdrive.

It’s from Marks & Spencer and it’s this – the Percy Pig ice cream.


Said to taste just like the wildly popular M&S sweets of the same name, they come in boxes of four and could quickly become the biggest-selling thing in Britain since Elton John’s Princess Diana single – if Twitter is any kind of gauge.

If you’re wondering about the lollies in the pic, they’re Colin The Caterpillar, but no one seems to give a flying shite about him.


  • GaspardW
    A great confectionery mystery - do Percy's friends the cow and sheep have names? (And given the noise that M&S make about the 'real fruit' in Percy Pig sweets, why do they keep so quiet about the fact that they also contain real pig?)
  • Boris
    Mmmmmm porky-pork ice cream. If only it was a bit like a Magnum had a hard outer shell of crakling. Apparently the cow is called Colin and the sheep is called Shagsy.
  • Bed B.
  • Matt
    Boring. Wake me when there's bacon ice-cream for sale.
  • Grace
    NOMMMMMMM NOOOMMMM my life has just begun
  • Malcolm S.
    They are actually pretty good and they taste exactly like Percy Pigs. Full review @ Om Nom Nom
  • Chris
    ...The Cow is Molly Moo, Pig is Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar.
  • jenny s.
    One (or two )of the percy's will go very well with The Mail on Saturday...just off the the local M and S
  • kv
    there's 3 of these in a pack, not 4 btw, the sheep is called Lucy Lamb
  • ElBuc
    Tried these yesterday and they taste like, and have the texture of plastic - I'll stick with a Twister.

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