All hail the king... of Royal Wedding tat

It's with exquisite delight that we must announce an end to our search for pointless, flimsy Royal Wedding frippery. This is absolutely the last time* we'll regale you with tales of pork pie cakes, fridges and condoms embossed with the features of the Royal couple.

Why? It seems one individual has taken it upon themselves to chronicle every half-arsed marketing campaign and opportunistic tit that has jumped on a bandwagon already near collapse through the sheer weight of shit ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen - introducing Royal Wedding Tat, with nearly 400 examples of why entrepreneurism in this country needs a stiff drink and a punch in the balls next Friday.

Bitterwallet - Royal Wedding Tat

* probably not the last time


  • Royal T.
    Awww shucks, if I only could be as witty as you lot we could have written a book, made millions and retired on the royal wedding loot! Thanks for the shout out!
  • Wedding
    Finally, even after betraying my own original point, I still say this is not the place to debate the merits of FPO.

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