All hail the hot dog-stuffed pizza crust. Or don't. Actually, don't hail it.

Do we need this? Do we REALLY need this? We speak of course of Pizza Hut’s newest stuffed crust ‘wheeze’ – the humble hot dog, piped into the innards of your pizza’s crust right now, if that’s the kind of twisted shit that you’re into. Oh, and you get a free ‘mustard drizzle’ with it as well. Oh, save us. Please, save us.


Have any of you tried this atrocity? Let us know in the box below in a new feature that we’re calling ‘Bitterwallet Readers Confess To Committing Major Culinary Crimes’. Oh, and here’s some other foul foods that it could be lumped in with (if it was in a can)


  • Boris
    Nom non nom.
  • Mary H.
    Nom nom nom nom (That's what the elitest cunts over at HUKD always say)
  • Boris
    It's not THAT tasty Mary.
  • Wonker
    The Guardian did a piece on this earlier today:
  • Mike H.
    The Mrs. enjoys a good mustard drizzle. Mostly, on her face.
  • The B.
    Apart from kids who don't know any better who the hell eats at Pizza Hut? The dough's like expanded polystyrene, god only knows what the cheese is, it's not any form of mozzarella known to humankind and the toppings, ugh, I shudder to think.
  • Gwen S.
    I shit bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s).
  • James D.
    banana shotgun?
  • Fantasic F.
    Sounds like a delightful video.... Western ?
  • Millenium C.
    @Gwen - I do a great deal on bananna's
  • Mr W.
    They are actually very nice, infact the hotdog was better than the pizza! goes without saying really. HAVE YOU SEEN MY WEINER?
  • Pizza E.
    I'm trying this atrocity tonight, on a bet, that it will be just awful... we'll see
  • Fantastic F.
    I've been witness to many an atrocity, and that includes Mr Weiner's wiener. And Twitter.
  • Toby
    Had one of these in the Pizza Hut in Saigon. Salty sickening goodness.
  • Massive C.
    Let's see 'Man Vs Food' eat a whole one of these fuckers!
  • Fantastic F.
    Brian Carenard has his own Pizza Hut ? That is literary inside him... either that or you go a bloody long way to get a pizza. I suppose they can't get the spices right down the high street.... unless you live in Saigon...... I'm going now....where's Boris when you need him.
  • Majorie D.
    Why the hell would anyone want to eat a pizza with mechanically recovered chicken stuffed into the crust? Absolutely gross.
  • Bianca J.
    Toffee Donuts anyone !!!!!!! Yeah!!!!
  • Commander D.
    These things are the `freakin` future. Also I don't need sleep.
  • David
    Might be a good way to get the kids to eat their crusts, don't have to diss everything you know. Anyway, why is mechanically recovered so bad? We have mechanized cash machines, cars, vending machines and washing machines. Who says buchery has to be done by hand?
  • Fantastic F.
    Ahh...poor Data....but you can dream can't you ?!
  • Boris
    Butchery is more fun when you do it by hand. (Apparently)
  • Fantastic F.
    I knew a family butcher. Families butchered daily.
  • Boris
    Are they made into coffin shaped pies Mr Fox?
  • Fantastic F.
    Hello Boris. (Nice hair BTW, you will have to give me the name of your stylist) I can't remember if we have been formally introduced or not, but hey-hoo. To answer your question, NOOOO! THERE ARE NO COFFIN SHAPED PIES ON BITTER WALLET. You should know that. Just as there aren't any 4ft 26lb foxes.
  • Fantastic F.
    My mate Wonky has just had a word in my ear about you, didn't you used to be nicknamed "Ziraleet" ?
  • Boris
    That was not a nickname. I had it changed to reflect my ancestry (and not to garner any additional votes by being last on the polling form and libellous wastrels may suggest). Had to change it back after confusion over Bob, The Real Bob, The Unreal Bob. The 'Real' Real Bob and so on started to get confused. Openness all the way! That what I say. Are you open Mr Fox?
  • Mr W.
    did pizza hut put Chicken in a can into these sausages? if they did i would actually buy one for the taste
  • The B.
    @Boris - To clarify, I started as "Bob" then someone else used the moniker "bob" so to avoid confusion I became "The Real Bob", and then the other names were claimed by the like of Sid Little, Eddie Large, Rod Hull and a serious of other wags.
  • The B.
    Series not serious.
  • shoplifter
    What a pile of shit....seriously ...if any of my clients asked for this....Boris...think you should stop handing out food licence`s to companies like wonder kids are can just see the fat fuckers now ...with that pizza hut smug look...
  • Boris
    I would stop handing out the licences if only they would stop bribing me. What is the King of All London to do?
  • shoplifter
    Boris...fuck off
  • Keenan
    @ Boris, I take it you weren't offered enough by those delightful homophobes?
  • Frank P.
    I would definitely buy this if it meant you get to stuff a hot dog through a hole in the pizza.
  • Captain P.
    Make it so...
  • Commander D.
    @ Fantastic Mr Fox. I often dream about a blacksmith an anvil and a flying bird. I also dream about wanking over Worf.
  • Tasha c.
    Data you bastard! You should be wanking over me. I showed you what it was to be 'human'.
  • Commander S.
    Fuck you killed my mummy.
  • Boris
    I am a politician Keenan. I have to judge the cash to political embarrassment ratio with great care. I also know three are plenty of gay people (that I love) in London and I would like them to see how loving to all human I am.
  • Locutus B.
    I am Locutus of Borg, You will be stuffed with hot dog, Resistance is futile, That is all!
  • Everybody u.
    If resistance is so futile then why are you such a big loser Borg? Even the cybermen could kick your fucking arse.
  • A F.
    Will someone please wank my big lobes for me. Plllleeeasssse..... Think of the children.
  • Rafe
    This is exactly the sort of food i'd expect you proles to enjoy.
  • Lemax
    A sausage baked right into the crust; what's not to like?
  • Prince Y.
    This is even more confusing than the kebab story.
  • Boris B.
    Tell us more about your famous friends Rafe. I too have many famous friends, we could share stories. Sausage bake right into a pizza. That does sound like a dream come true, I'm off now to try and get one inside a flammekueche.
  • Gorgeous K.
    Leave Rafe alone. She always pops up on the Internet, I've seen her all over the place. Quite way she has turned up in the dark den of iniquity is anyone's guess.
  • Derooftrouser
    I saw this on the website and at first thought 'well played, Mr Hut, you have come up with a novelty I'm not man enough to try'. But then I ordered one anyway, on the grounds it would either be fantastic or horrendous. Disappointingly, it tasted like a hot dog within a pizza crust.
  • Biff W.
    I have noticed you collect tins of soup, how many oxtail tins do you currently have in your possession? How do you store them, by date,age or flavour etc? Why did you punch the cat? Do you go to town and shout at the carpets? Why are you barred from poundstrecher branches in UK and Ireland? Is it true Hulk Hogan lent you a blank video? Why is there a photo of you pouring icing sugar on the PC worlds goods entrance on my kitchen window? After you have answered the above questions in a timely manner I will consider meeting up with you in person and discussing late 80's early 90's british TV programmes in the great detail you demanded...e.g Howards way,lovejoy and through the keyhole. Thank you
  • Derooftrouser
    Oh, and it's currently temporarily sold out due to high demand. Which certainly says something about something.

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