All hail... the horizontal shower!

Here’s one of those things that makes you look, then look again and then wonder why it isn’t an INTEGRAL PART OF ALL OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES FOR GOD’S SAKE.


Yes, it’s the horizontal shower, and instantly removes all of that complicated ‘standing up’ stuff from your daily shower. Hell, you probably wouldn’t even have to bother waking up if you didn’t feel like it.

This was revealed to a world that didn’t even realise it was missing it at a trade show in Basel, Switzerland a few weeks and boasts an Ambience Tuning Technique system. We don’t know what that it, but it sounds better than a dial that goes up to nine.

There’s no word on when, how or why this will become available to the general public but we’re saving up for one for BW HQ right now. Below is the comments box where one or two smart arses will tell us that this sort of thing has been widely available since the 1940s. Yes 'The Real Bob', we're looking at you....



  • Duncan
    Is this not a row of showers for midgets?
  • dai
    Is this not an excuse to put a picture of a naked lady on Bitterwallet? If so, carry on :-)
  • Mike
    I dont understand how her hair is wet
  • Charnock
    Why hasn't she beamed up yet? This transporter is rubbish
  • Dick
    And you need more water than a regular shower. If the jets sprayed sideways a bit more, it might be better, to ensure even coverage.
  • Martin
    If you roll on to your back, you might drown
  • Im l.
    How the feck is this an original idea - six shower heads fitted into a bulkhead with a long shower tray - try googling the work of some of the the worlds top architecs if you want to see impressive fit outs - move along nothing to see - and I think this sort of thing was done circa the birth of Christ
  • Kev
    I'm more concerned of where the water is going?. It doesn't appear to run off the slab she is laying on. What happens to the dirt? what happens to the dirt of the previous person? Wouldn't the slab be cold in winter? So many unanswered questions. I think I would prefer to stand..
  • Boris
    Perhaps if she lay in some kind of large, long, deep bowl that collected the water. I would expect as it filled it would give a pleasent 'floating' sensation that would enhance relaxation. Hmmm.. the constant spraying of water may be come annoying; perhaps it could be filled up at one end. I will get on to my designers.
  • jennni
    i always thought they should have a room you enter, and a kinda wave, thing, makes you clean, same as when you get out of a normal shower, why am i still wet even though i have a towel, why spend ages with a towel, why doesnt someone invent a fan you stand in front of that dries you?. no towels needed :-D
  • JonB
    @jennni: "why doesnt someone invent a fan you stand in front of that dries you?" They used to have something similar at our local swimming pool. It was a chamber you entered and it dried you somehow. It had a red glow which put me off as it looked like a rotisserie...

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