All Hail The Hood Thong!

Still looking for that unique Christmas gift for a loved one? Maybe they’ve got a keen eye for fashion, and want to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Do them a favour and sign them up for the Hood Thong – finally, the thong you can wear in the rain.

Sadly, it’s not available yet, probably obviously really, but if enough of us visit the site and express an interest, they’ll be churning them out in next to no time. Then we can all look a bit like Kylie in the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head vid, only more idiotic.


  • Liddle m.
    Are the nipple tassles sold separately? I need two pairs.
  • Andy D.
    You have four nipples?
  • Mike H.
    You can milk anything with nipples, you get more from 4 nips too, and 4x the pleasure.
  • Liddle m.
    Two I was born with, the second pair came with a marriage contract.
  • simonb
    Do you get a free waxing with it?
  • Mike H.
    How dare she balance herself using Tracy Island, Bitch!

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