All hail the grass flip-flops!

Face it – there’s no more liberating feeling than walking around on grass in your bare feet. It’s how our fathers, fathers’ fathers, fathers’ fathers’ fathers and selected cavemen lived and it’s beautiful.

Thankfully, you can now live like that ALL the frigging time thanks to these revolutionary flip flops, that come with built-in synthetic grass to give you that barefoot hippy-dippy feeling all day and all night, all year round, forever.


We’re pretty sure that the soles of your feet will be in PRISTINE condition after tramping around in these for a few days. TESTIFY!



  • Mike H.
    Can't wait to deck the trilby wearing iPhone users wearing these to the pub.
  • The B.
    Don't be silly Mike, the iphone penny farthing brigade will wear the Birkenstock version, far trendier.

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