All hail the giant shoe car!

It’s looking as if the Chinese automotive industry is rethinking just exactly what a car can be, with this new effort, that also doubles as a giant’s shoe.


Naturally, as a futuristic vehicle, it’s electric and can achieve speeds of up to 20 mph, meaning that your hair won’t get too ruffled and you’re unlikely to get a face full of unfortunate insects as you tootle along.

It’s been made by footwear manufacturer Kang Shoe and cost them $6,485 to design and build. We expect that they’ll target the ‘idiot billionaire’ market and hike the price right up when they get round to actually selling them. Let’s face it – if YOU were an idiot billionaire, you completely would wouldn’t you.

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  • dick
    How much space in the boot?
  • dick
    Left or right?
  • dom
    Can you get them at shoe express.
  • akiss
    Boris has just ordered one, and will implement a new shoe lane on the M25.
  • Zen
    Reminds me of the 1960's SInger Brogue (Vogue)
  • mistersmee
    I had a wooden car once. It had wooden wheels, wooden seats and a wooden engine. Only problem was, it wooden go...
  • pauski
    Laced up, transverse straight 6, minor diameter, maximum bore to me. Running on a 1:4, 2:5, 6:3 configuration. Would love to see the transmission. But the fucking shoe is in the way.

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