All hail... the eye-controlled TV set!

_62609289_interface If you’re fed up with the tediousness of having to go to the lengths of locating, picking up and pointing a remote control handset to work your TV set, your woes could soon be at an end.

Chinese future-loving company Haier have teamed up with the Swedish geniuses at Tobii and brought us the eye-controlled television, superb news for the nation’s bone idle slob population.

But how doth it work? Well, the sofa-users controlling the set by gazing at the top or bottom of the screen to activate a user interface, before staring at all the usual options that they would ordinarily get on a standard, boring, now-outmoded remote control. Best of all, unlike the humble remote, the chances of losing your own eyes down the back of the sofa are slim at best/worst/whatever.

The technology is still at the prototype stage and is prone to glitches so we’re predicting that it’ll be available in your local branch of Curry’s sometime in 2030, costing somewhere between £4,999 and £9,999. Or whatever weird currency we’re all trading in by then.



  • badger
    Haier? Haier who make the panda-shaped novelty fridges? It'll be great quality then.
  • Idi A.
    By 2030 it will be law that every programme will include Lord Vernon Kay, or St Ant & Lady Dec. And total eye removal will be the most popular cosmetic surgical operation ever.

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