All hail the coming of the Lip Window!

lip-window If you think about it, it must be crap being teeth. You’re happy when you’re chewing stuff, but when you’re not, life must be dull.

To make things worse, the view isn’t up to much - the only chance you get to see the outside world is when your owner/controller is talking, smiling or gawping, and even then the teeth’s glimpse of the outside world is fairly fleeting.

If you really cared about your teeth, you’d be investing in a little window for them so that they can keep abreast of events in the outside world.

Until now, this has been impossible, but 2010 is all the realisation of dreams and science has given us… the Lip Window!

Don’t all puke at once eh readers?



  • Andre W.
  • LanceVance
    In the words of the internet............WTF!?!? It would look nicer with stained glass in there.
  • The B.
    Well, as the owner of a number of piercings I have to say that is the most stupid and reckless piercing I've ever seen.
  • Chris S.
    One on each cheek would have been far more awesome
  • RBNC
    I'd like to get both testicles pierced with one of those
  • Fu M.
    fake. unless when she smiles all you can see are the gums of her top teeth - look at where the teeth meet!
  • goon
    another thing for attention seeking cunts
  • phil l.
    Getting a BJ from her, you would'nt know if you were coming or going
  • wonky h.
    you could stick your cock in the extra hole
  • Simon C.
    Im not jumping in with the blowjob jokes until we get confirmation if thats a man or a woman?
  • Roy
    Check for the Adam's apple before sticking your cock in.
  • Chris
    What roy said. And this is a photochop, but a pretty good one. Will fool most people at a first glance :)
  • nobby
    Women also have Adams Apples (google it if you don't believe!), common mistake though, so I won't laugh.
  • Steve B.
    The cheek of it... No, wait a minute, that didn't work.
  • your d.
    if it were real, ..then how much extra drool would be on the pillow after a nights kip? she's a munter in the picture & the pic draws away from her face her bad teeth. nice.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] yesterday’s revelation that such a thing as a Lip Window exists, we’re well into running stories about people who do stupid things to their mouths. Which leads [...]
  • gauged a.
    most "reckless" piercing? hardly. gauged lips are nothing new. I have a few surface piercings that are far more "reckless" than that. This photo prolly is fake (unless she has very weird teeth) but I know of people with larger gauges than that - a quick search of the interwebs will show them. - he even has a cheek gauge, just for chris shaw
  • Mnemophobiameg
    Lol seriously? your saying it's fake? you clearly don't know. I've seen someone have a piercing like this before, it's all real. I don't understand why your saying it's photoshop, can you not accept it's real?
  • Stephen
    YEP. SERIOUSLY !! TOTALLY FAKE !!!! Look where her teeth are. Like someone says above if she ( I assume it's a she?) smiles you'd only see gums! Bottom set teeth too low mandible. (lower jaw) You can't understand why people saying it's fake? Well, as an orthodontist, please believe me, it is.

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