All hail the Braille phone!


The world's first Braille phone is here!

And what's quite jolly about the whole enterprise, is that it's a British firm that's invented it, and even jollier still is that it's available for a snipular £60.

Created by the London based company OwnFone, the Braille-featuring handset has been built using 3D printing technology.

Technology for the disabled ain't all X-Men level shit, some people just need the basics, even if the basics on offer still don't suffice.

So for blind people, visually impaired or even those who don't want shitloads of apps and crap on their devices, this is a huge development.

The phone is also customisable on the company's website for those who want to add a personal touch to their handsets, and can be personalised to have pre-programmed buttons for friends and family and emergency services.

Other companies have given the idea a go in the past, but OwnFone are the first to put it on general sale.

What a wonderful world we live in.



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