All hail the bottle-opening shoe!

Finally shoe fetishists and alcoholics can find some common ground with this sexy pair of black patent heels. With a bottle opener built into them, they’re perfect for any party, barbecue or just an everyday glammed-up tramp-drinking session.

Whether or not you’d be able to find some common ground with the type of girl who uses her footwear to prise the tops off her bottles of blue WKD is entirely your own business. But, if you’re currently with a girl who uses her teeth to open bottles, these are a must-have purchase and a major step towards sophistication. We once saw a woman open a bottle by jamming it down her cleavage and twisting it, but that club has closed down now.

The shoes are available for $39.99 from the Hot Topic website, but burly transvestites needn’t bother clicking on the link – the site claims they’re for sale in ‘women’s sizes only.’

[via Buzzfeed]


  • KB
    And for the fellas:
  • acecatcher3
    i always thought that ripping the top off with ur teeth was cool, i tried it and it hurt, in america they do it alot, i guess the tops arent on as tight!
  • starsparkle
    fantastic, I must buy some - NOW!!!!!!!
  • James
    In america most of the glass bottles altho they look like our ones they are twisty top i think.
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