All hail the arrival of the JeanShoe!

For years, it seemed as though every denim product imaginable had been invented and marketed. The jeans, the jacket, the shirt, the skirt and, briefly, the denim shinpads have all sold in their billions.

Now, when we thought it was more or less all over, comes the JeanShoe. Spotted in America (or at least we hope it was) by keen-eyed blogger mikomb, it’s got that permanent ‘Hey, my jeans are around my ankles look’ that we’re amazed that no one has tried to capture before. It screams ‘classy’ and ‘disgusting’ in equal measures although we’ve got no idea why.

All it needs is for Cheryl Cole to wear them once on The X Factor and they’ll be everywhere by Christmas.


[BuzzFeed - and yes we know that it's probably more of a boot than a shoe]


  • parpparp
    Now we just need someone to invent the ankle thong and the lower calf tramp stamp and the look is complete.
  • dvdj
    Diesel have been selling something similar for a while. Converse style pumps with a jeans style pockets at the back. Those above are... special.
  • Cookli
    Wowzer. Now, what's worse: these or those converse-heels? So hard to decide...
  • PaulH
    @dvdj Why are they so dirty...ow wait that's the style...dam hipsters!
  • Louis W.
    Finally a pair of Jeans that will fit me!
  • klingelton
    I sincerely hope that's all Cheryl wears to the X factor this Week!

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