All credit to Betfair for crediting customers they don't have

Occasionally, in a prophetic foretelling of the day machines will rule the earth, computers do silly and inexplicable things. For example, some become homicidal killing automatons or, in lesser cases, they email to remind you of monies you'd forgotten all about - as was the case for avid Bitterwallet reader Bryan:

Bitterwallet - Betfair play fair, more or less...

Grand customer service from Betfair, you may think - yet Bryan barely had time to rustle up a convoy for the cash-and-carry before a second email arrived the follow day:

Bitterwallet - Betfair sent random message in error to non-user

Curses. The odd thing is Bryan has never registered on Betfair - quite how an automatic reminder service would have his name and email address, never mind remind him of money he didn't have, is a bit of a mystery.

Personal data queries aside - what's your greatest haul from a computer error? When did that £20 refund become a £200 bonanza? Don't be shy - let us know about your ill-gotten gains below.


  • Alex
    I had an email and logged in to find the money was there. Since the card registered to the account expired in 2008, I assume they're not going to take anything back without asking nicely first. It's entirely possible I did leave the money in there, I'm forgetful like that.
  • Runstocheckhisbetfairaccount
    Moot point, but why do these 'cover-my-ass' emails always talk of a "full investigation"? Whats the alternative... A partial investigation, maybe? A third.....?
  • MrRobin
    I won some money once (on Betfair!) , about £250, and cashed out to my bank account from my betfair account. The next day there were 2 deposits of £250! Winner! The day after, one of the payments was reversed. Boo!
  • akme
    i once got paid £100 on a cash back site for an isa i never requested.
    I received the email saying I had about £6 in my account, so I logged in and placed a bet. Then I got the sorry email and thought I may have used money I didn't have. So I emailed, and here is the reply to that query... Dear Mark Thank you for your e-mail. This is ok for your account it was that the emails were sent out to a number of customers that did not wish to have emails sent out. Your account is fine as is your bet on ............. . Apologies for any confusion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries. Kind regards, Betfair Helpdesk
  • Neil
    My bank once screwed up a deposit for someone of the same name and it went into mine by mistake. Unfortunately I'm an honest person, ok I mentioned it to an honest friend who wouldnt accept a bribe in the form of a weekend out, and I called them up to report it. Two new savings accounts, and £10 in phone calls, later and the bank had reunited themselves with the money, I have no idea if it got back to the person it was meant for. When I kept complaining about the phone charges for their screw up I was pretty much told to sod off.
  • The B.
    Wow, he should report it to the Office of the Information Commissioner where it will be duly ignored by all and sundry as they're too busy being wined and dined bt T-Mobile.
  • Write h.
    @The real bob brilliant. last i heard were having them all over for a few drinks.
  • Alan
    Friend at work ordered a Wii from Play last week, and they delivered two. In a burst of honesty she phoned up Play and got them to send a courier out to pick up the extra Wii. So they sent out a courier... who delivered her another Wii. In another fit of honesty, instead of heading onto E-Bay she got Play to pick up the two excess Wii's, and received a hefty voucher for her honesty. So, honesty pays sometimes. As long as she wants to order her next 50 odd DVD's from Play.
  • Iscrewedoveramazonandfeelslightlyguilty
    I bought a very expensive food processor from Amazon it was over £200, when they sent their monkey to deliver it they just left it on the front step in plane view. I saw it and brought it in but as no one signed for it I said I never got it. 7 days later I got a full refund. (lol)
  • Klingelton
    so you should feel guilty - damn you screwing the worlds most popular company and set of demi-gods.
  • Barclays B.
    [...] we told you about avid Bitterwallet reader Bryan and the unexplained account he had with Betfair, despite having never used the site. In that particular instance, Betfair emailed Bryan to notify [...]
  • (Dangerous) B.
    Free 42" plasma TV from argos, about 4-5years ago. They refunded it and were supposed to pick it up, but never did. I'm not complaining...
  • Jess B.
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