Aldi tops simplicity test

aldi_logo Aldi has topped something called the Global Brand Simplicity Index.

It's the second year running that the supermarket has topped this Global Brand Simplicity Index by Siegel+Gale, beating Google and fellow discount retailer Lidl for the spot.

Using feedback from over 12,000 consumers spread across eight countries, the index works out the perceived simplicity or complexity of brands’ products, services, interactions and communications in relation to their industry peers.

That's globally, but who won the UK list? Lidl. Yep, the plucky budget supermarket that everyone likes to shade, knocked Amazon off the perch.

The report also revealed that the general decline in traditional supermarket brands’ simplicity scores was largely down to: complicated approaches to online shopping, overpriced premium ranges and decline in own brand quality.

So while all the big boy supermarkets - Sainsbury’s was the upmarket top ranking, coming in seventh, while Asda ranked ninth. Waitrose came in at 14, while Tesco ranked in at 24 - have been having well-documented palavers, Aldi and Lidl have been quietly doing their thing, and getting bigger as a result.

Aldi and Lidl, keeping things simple eh? Who would've ever guessed that such a thing would be attractive to a customer who wants cheap items rather than needlessly complicated reward systems?

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