Aldi take huge delivery of cocaine

aldi_logo The folks at Aldi have had the surprise of their lives, as cocaine worth €15m was delivered to them. Of course, Aldi aren't trying to muscle in on the drugs trade, as far as we know, but if they sold it for cheaper than your average dealer, they'd do a roaring trade on it.

Joking aside, the coke was shipped to them in error, hidden away in crates of bananas destined for the shelves of the bargain supermarket.

Over 300kg of cocaine was found at 13 shops in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Aldi staff found the drugs wrapped up in between the bananas as they unpacked the fruit. The informed the police, and their spokesman, Stefan Redlich, said the smugglers must have made a "logistical error" as the haul was travelling from Colombia to Hamburg.

Remarkably, this is the second time in 18 months that Aldi has taken a huge shipment of class As. In January 2014, 140 kilos of cocaine were found tucked away inside deliveries to five Aldi supermarkets in Berlin.

If Tesco are only half listening to this story, you can expect them to start looking into the heroin trade, no doubt. Anything to try and get one over on the supermarkets that have been eating away at their customer base.

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