Aldi named Britain’s super-supermarket

Ever noticed all those new Aldi supermarkets that keep cropping up all over the place? If you’ve not, you’re missing the evolution of a German-birthed grocery rollercoaster that’s screaming across the face of the UK. With over 400 UK stores selling us so much stuff that just their cheese sales equate in mass to that of a blue whale per month (it’s true!), they have already cornered 3% of the UK’s grocery market and plan to increase this to 12% over the next 4-5 years.

The Which? Awards 2009 have corroborated this evidence, bestowing the award for Best Supermarket upon Aldi, ahead of runners up Lidl and Waitrose. Amongst Aldi’s consumer goodness lies the ‘2 sale days a week’ scheme, where you can get your stuff at extra-cheap prices, well, two days a week, and the oft-employed ‘pound shop effect’ where you can get your stuff for 99p every day of the week. So the grocery landscape may be set to change over the coming years.

In other Which? Awards 2009 news, there were wins for BBC iPlayer (Innovation Award), Co-operative Bank (Best Financial Service Provider) and (Best Online Retailer). The full list of awards can be found here.



  • Francis R.
    Some stuff at Aldi is more expensive than most supermarches, I think their 'ploy' to get you in the door with their cheap deals works very well. I also think that most products are made to look 'continental' so you think your buying something different when infact your buying a repackaged known brand.
  • Austin D.
    Which? Best Car Manufacturer: BMW..... no way dude!!!
  • little e. voted best online retailer?Surely some mistake there....
  • Gavin
    Aldi sell THE BEST white chocolate ever = win.
  • Rubisco
    What? In the age of the internet Which? still exists? How? Why?
  • Tizer
    They sell awesome chewing gum - which I keep in my car...SWEET! The computer deals are good!
  • Tizer
    Read your entry in Who's No-body
  • Matt B.
    Is it just me, or does that not really sound like a lot of cheese?
  • Rubisco
    Probably because you've only ever seen a blue whale on TV. In real life they're fucking huge.
  • Sarah
    Well done Aldi. I Love the food and I save loads on my weekly shop. Keep up the hard work !

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