Aldi is Top of the Pop(ular buzz brand)s

aldi_logo Aldi is the nation's No.1!

No, really. In a YouGov BrandIndex thing about brands that create the most positive social media buzz, Aldi has abseiled in from nowhere and knocked the BBC off the top spot, and Lidl is into the Top 5 at No.4.

Also, some website called arrives in at No.8, indicating that shopping habits have indeed changed a fair bit in recent years. Although Dyson is holding strong, and they're hardly cheap.

It's grim news for Samsung (falling from 2 to 9) and Waitrose (5 to 9), however the BBC still have a good showing with both the corporation itself and its iPlayer at 7 and 3 respectively. Of the big four supermarkets, Sainsbury's cling on at No.10.

A lady named Sarah Murphy, BrandIndex director at YouGov, said:

“The budget grocery stores are making deep inroads into the supermarket sector and are also shaking up the retail landscape too, with Aldi coming in ahead of established brands such as John Lewis."

"Consumers want to do their weekly shops affordably while losing nothing in terms of quality and they believe these German brands do this."

All the wow and flutter of British and American brands counts for nothing - what do British people want? A bargain.

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  • chewyyyy
    It's nonsense. I do the BrandIndex survey every fortnight or so. I click random buttons etc to get through it as quickly as possible. Never trust surveys. Tab-spaced through thousands of them.

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