Aldi: flogging Wagyu burgers!

Hey burger munchers! Hey beef fiends! Here's some good news for you before you continue horsing a load of meat into your flapping gobs! You know Wagyu beef, which is really good?

Well, Aldi are going to be selling Wagyu beef burgers, made out of New Zealand Grass Fed cows, for just £2.99, for a pack of two!


The Wagyu burgers will be in the shops on March 5th.

You'd be wise to get on it too because, for years Wagyu was victim of import bans and the like, which means it adds a level of delicious guilt to proceedings.

If you don't know about Wagyu meat, then it is all about the marbling of fat, which makes it taste really great. Basically, you end up with beef that is rich and incredibly juicy. Definitely get down the shops and try and get some as these burgers are looking like they'll be a limited stock.

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  • SM
    Only the "original" Japanese version of Wagyu was import-banned (and that ban was lifted last summer). Wagyu beef produced in other countries has been around in the interim - Australia & the US are common suppliers - and as "New Zealand" definitely counts as "not Japan" this isn't terribly exciting nor novel. My ASDA has been selling Wagyu burgers at 2 for £3 for months now (you had to buy two packs of two to get that price, mind you), and Waitrose has had Heston-branded ones (at a lot more money, around a fiver *each*) for even longer. This just happens to be the first discounter getting in on it, but for basically the same price as ASDA.

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